Scratch Geometry Dash

Scratch Geometry Dash

Embark on an exciting adventure with Scratch Geometry Dash, a version of the game Geometry Dash made by Griffpatch using the Scratch programming language!

Begin Your Adventure Full of Upbeat Moments with Scratch Geometry Dash!

Show off your lightning-quick reflexes and maneuvering skills with Scratch Geometry Dash! Take control of the small square character as it hops from one place to the next while vibing to the upbeat music! Challenge yourself to complete all the levels with the fewest attempts possible!

Scratch Geometry Dash is a Scratch game that draws inspiration from the highly popular rhythm-based game Geometry Dash. Griffpatch is the author behind this amazing game, and he even records the process behind making it! Scratch Geometry Dash further proves the limitless possibility of the Scratch programming language and encourages others to try making their own games!

How to Play: A Step-by-Step Guide

At the beginning of the game, players can choose between the three levels in the main menu: Stereo Madness, Back on Track, and Polargeist, by dragging with the left mouse button. Note that the levels have already been sorted based on progressive difficulty. Click on your chosen level to begin your adventure!

During a game session, players can direct the character to jump using the left mouse button, the spacebar, the up arrow key, the W key, or the Ctrl key. To pause the game momentarily, press the P key. Navigate the character and make it jump past obstacles, including walls and spikes. Depending on the form of the character, players will need to control it differently. For example, in Cube mode, players can hold one of the aforementioned buttons to jump consecutively. While in Ship mode, holding the button will make the character fly up.

The main goal of each level is for the character to reach the end without crashing into any obstacles. However, if players are confident in their own skills, they can also try to get three secret coins in each level. These coins usually require a little bit of effort and skill to be collected. In case players want to switch to a different level, they can click on the green flag to restart the game and access the main menu.

Standout Features

  • Fast-paced gameplay that will put your reflexes to the test!
  • Simple and colorful animations that can keep you hooked for hours!
  • Catchy music that syncs up with your jumps!
  • Only one button is needed to control your character!
  • Show off your skills by collecting all the secret coins in each level!

List of Levels in Geometry Dash Scratch

Scratch Geometry Dash remakes the first three levels of the original game, further showing what a simple and easy-to-learn programming language like Scratch is capable of! These three levels closely follow the layout of the original Geometry Dash, including the elusive coin placements.

  1. Stereo Madness: The first level of the game features the most basic forms of the character: the Cube and Ship forms. To help players get used to the controls, this level provides plenty of room to maneuver past obstacles.
  2. Back on Track: In Back on Track, players get to familiarize themselves with a new item: the yellow jump pads. Depending on where they are placed, these pads can either help the character reach higher places or lead it straight to its doom! 
  3. Polargeist: The third level incorporates another new mechanic: the yellow jump rings that give players extra jumps. However, players need to activate them when in contact with these rings!

The Popularity of Geometry Dash, Explained

Despite having been around for about 10 years, Geometry Dash is still quite popular among the players. Regardless of when you first played Geometry Dash, whether it was during the game’s release or two days ago, the game has the amazing ability to keep you hooked during the first playthrough. There are a couple of reasons that can explain the game’s popularity:

  • Simple to learn yet hard to master: Few games can rival Geometry Dash when it comes to the simplicity of the controls. Essentially, players can take control of the character with just one button, but a high level of precision is needed in order to get past obstacles safely. The more difficult the level is, the less room for error is available to players. On the other hand, once you manage to master the controls and advance through obstacles flawlessly, you get to feel immense satisfaction!
  • Catchy soundtrack: One important feature that defines Geometry Dash is the catchy music that syncs up with the gameplay, making each jump extremely satisfying!
  • Challenging level design: Geometry Dash is well-known for a series of levels of various difficulties that pair perfectly with the one-button controls. Players can begin with the first level with the easiest difficulty level and then improve their skills gradually and learn new mechanics with harder levels. It may take a few attempts, but it is never impossible to complete a level, making you want to try again and again!
  • Keep the gameplay fresh with various character forms: During your first playthrough, you will be amazed by how one button can give a completely unique control to a different character form. Some sections of a level require you to pilot a spaceship, while others make you navigate a ball that can switch gravity at will! Geometry Dash really has a way to keep you on your toes at all times!
  • Active community: One crucial part that keeps the game going strong after so many years is the abundance of levels made by players worldwide. In fact, most of the Demon difficulty levels are made by players, and they continue to push the abilities of players to the limit!

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