Blocky Challenges

Blocky Challenges

Blocky Challenges is the ideal game for you if you enjoy the exhilaration of Geometry Dash and the never-ending fun of Super Mario Run! Enter this quirky and charming adventure where you have to navigate a challenging world full of obstacles with a cube that looks like Super Mario.

In Blocky Challenges, you transform into a charming red block with witty eyes and set off on a treacherous adventure. With your assistance, your character can succeed even with the seemingly impossible jumps! Click to arrange the required amount of blocks under your hero, lifting them up to clear any obstruction in their way. However, use caution—touching any object will return you to the beginning.

How To Play

  • Mouse Clicks: Click to generate blocks under your character to reach the required height and surpass obstacles.
  • Collect Coins: Gather coins along the way to unlock new character skins and add more fun to your adventure.

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