Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

You can't find a better game than Geometry Dash when it comes to rhythm and avoid obstacles game genres. Basically, you just feel the delightful rhythm and control the amazing automatically moving cube in this endless running game while doing your best to avoid extreme obstacles along the way. It sounds easy, but trust me, it is not as simple as it seems. There are 21 levels with escalating difficulty. You will have a chance to conquer 18 regular levels and 3 demon levels with secret rewards. To add more fun and excitement, Geometry Dash offers players different cube icons that change at each level. Once you finish a level, you will be able to unlock some great new icons and fantastic colors for customization. Besides the cube skins, you can also switch to other cool characters such as a spider, robot, and much more.

Geometry Dash provides you with two primary modes: Practice mode and Official mode. If you're a newbie and want to train your skills and get used to the game controls, then you should play in practice mode. You can retry all levels endlessly without penalty. The official mode is ready for you to join once you want to compete for high scores and rankings on leaderboards. But remember, any failure in this mode will put you back at the start. Therefore, practice well and stay focused while playing Geometry Dash.

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How To Play

  • The simple one-touch controls allow the game to be played on various devices. Players can use a mouse, keyboard or touchscreen.