Geometry Vertical

Geometry Vertical

In Geometry Vertical, every turn tests your spatial awareness as you go on a geometric voyage! To pass each level and cross the desired finish line, maneuver your blocky avatar through a maze of obstacles, including tight spaces and scary spikes.

Portals will take you to new places as you go, changing not only how you look but also how you control the controls. Quickly adjust as you switch between many forms, each requiring a new set of navigational skills. In this exhilarating challenge of reflexes and strategy, every action matters, whether it's clicking precisely or perfecting the art of holding and releasing.

Require a moment to relax? Do not be alarmed! Green gems arranged in strategic locations act as a lifeline and indicate roadblocks. But make your decision carefully because if you dare to increase the task, you can choose to eliminate these safety nets.

Geometry Vertical offers both casual gamers and geometry enthusiasts an exciting journey with its straightforward controls and multitude of levels to conquer. Are you prepared to overcome adversity and defy gravity? In Geometry Vertical, click, hold, and navigate your way to victory!

How To Play

  • Click right/left mouse to change lane
  • Hold left mouse to move right, release to move left
  • Click mouse left if you are above the hole
  • Hold mouse left/right to turn
  • Release to move straight.