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Geometry Dash Apple Juice

Geometry Dash Apple Juice

Dive into the world of geometry by assuming the role of a cube in Geometry Dash Apple Juice, maneuvering through a series of daunting geometric obstacles to safely reach the goal. Are you prepared to embark on this adventure?

Geometry Dash Apple Juice, crafted by fr3dmc and rated 6 stars, introduces a fresh journey with innovative designs and effects. The journey commences with the cube segment, where navigating across platforms at a steady pace poses minimal challenge. However, as the cube diminishes in size and accelerates, the demand for player agility and focus intensifies. Subsequently, the level transitions to a spider phase, featuring intricately positioned platforms that require precise navigation.

Progressing further, players encounter a ship stage, tasked with skillfully navigating airborne platforms. A brief interlude with the UFO phase ensues before returning to the spider segment, where players must deftly leap over perilous spikes adorning the platforms. Following a concise cube segment, the level transitions to another brief ship stage. Culminating in a diminutive cube phase before concluding with the UFO phase.

With its innovative design and challenging gameplay, Geometry Dash Apple Juice ensures an exhilarating gaming experience. For those seeking similar challenges, Geometry Dash And Ever and Geometry Dash Nightosphere await, promising equally captivating adventures. Ready to embark on the journey? Game on!

How To Play

  • Press Up arrow to Jump and click
  • Jump on yellow rings
  • Avoid the Spikes
  • In ship mode, hold to fly up and release to fly down
  • Press L to toggle special effects.
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