Devil Dash

Devil Dash

Join Devil Dash, change into a cube-shaped figure, and conquer unidentified obstacles. Are you able to complete every level in this game?

Devil Dash is a game where you take the recognizable block character from the well-known Geometry Dash game series on a terrible adventure. However, this version of the game will take you on a new adventure where you will push boundaries rather than put you in a fast-paced, realistic race. At last, amid the fury of your inner devil. You are about to go on an adventure through realms that are related to one another.

In Devil Dash, you embark on a terrifying adventure where you must avoid impending dangers. In this game, your task is to lead the cube character over obstacles like jagged traps and bottomless death holes. The unique feature of this game is the surprising movement of these obstacles. To get past them, players must possess quick reactions.

How To Play

  • To move, use the A/D keys or the left/right arrow keys.
  • To jump, press the spacebar, the up arrow key, or W.

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