Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft

Don’t miss out on Paper Minecraft if you are a fan of Minecraft! Created by Griffpatch, Paper Minecraft explores what a 2D version of the original game would look like, making it somewhat similar to the game Terraria. However, players will be able to encounter all manner of creatures and objects, as seen in the original game! Discover all three game modes, choose between Steve and Alex, and let’s start exploring!

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How To Play

  • Control the character with the WASD keys. Hold Shift while moving to sprint.
  • Place or mine items with the left mouse button.
  • Open or close the inventory with the E key. Hover over objects such as chests and doors and press the E key to open or close them.
  • Select items with number keys from 1 to 9.
  • Drop an item from the stack with the spacebar. Drop all items with the Q key.
  • Eat food with the F key.
  • Label a sign or chest with the N key.
  • Pause the game with the P key.
  • Save your game with the O key.