Geometry Dash Time Travel

Geometry Dash Time Travel

Geometry Dash Time Travel invites you to engage in a unique adventure where you transform into a cube and navigate through challenging obstacles to safely reach the finish line. Created by Peton, this 5-star level with 3 user coins features distinctive graphics and simple yet highly captivating gameplay, promising an exciting experience.

The game starts with a block phase, where you must overcome obstacles such as platforms and sharp spikes. Next is the spider stage, requiring you to guide your character through perilous platforms. The ship phase follows, where you navigate a flying character across intricately arranged platforms. Then comes the UFO stage, leading to a brief block phase that sets the stage for the subsequent challenges.

Geometry Dash Time Travel proceeds with another ship phase, introducing a size change that demands intense focus. This is followed by another UFO phase, then a half-speed cube phase, and finally, a similar spider stage. Completing these stages successfully brings you to the level's end.

User Coins

In Geometry Dash Time Travel, there are three user coins to collect for bonus points and new character skins. The first coin is at 22%, reachable after flying down to a platform in the cube stage. The second coin is at 53%, collected by flying across two platforms. The third coin is at 94%, after jumping onto a platform.

How To Play

  • Press [up], [W], [space], or click to jump and use yellow rings

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