Geometry Dash Mass Production

Geometry Dash Mass Production

Geometry Dash Mass Production immerses players in a geometric world filled with challenging obstacles that test hand-eye coordination. Join the game to push your limits to the extreme.

Rated 10 stars and featuring 3 user coins, Geometry Dash Mass Production is an easy demon level and a 2.11 light demon megacollab organized by Optation. With a factory theme and a basic style, this level is a significant collaborative effort.

Geometry Dash Mass Production begins with a cube stage, transitioning to a slow ship that must navigate through tight passages without hitting spikes, then accelerates. The second cube stage shifts into a ball and back to a cube, followed by a pre-drop where the block turns into a UFO and then back to a block. The pace constantly changes as the level progresses: from ship to cube to UFO, then to wave, small wave, cube, ship, ball, and back to cube.

Speed changes end as the stage continues with transformations from cube to robot, ball to spider, and back to ball. The sequence includes reversible gates and proceeds through another cube stage, followed by UFO and cube transitions. A small ball phase with trap balls and a ship with gravity gates that require choosing the correct path twice lead to the final stage—a wave with gravity gates that becomes a small wave, ending with "You have escaped!" signaling the level's completion.

User Coins

To complete this level, the player must gather three user coins. A coin's first value is 36%. Clicking on the wave stage is necessary to gather it. The player will lose if they click for an extended period of time, though, as the wave won't have time to pass. There are 52% of the second coin. Push on the spider directly in front of the obstruction to retrieve it. 92% is reached with the third coin. Click on the preceding wave in order to gather it.

How To Play

  • Press [up], [w], [space], or click to jump and jump on yellow rings.

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