Geometry Dash Iridescent

Geometry Dash Iridescent

Geometry Dash Iridescent takes you on a journey through a bizarre and terrible geometric universe full of perilous obstacles. Are you ready to explore this unique and challenging universe?

Geometry Dash Iridescent is a Hard Demon 2.1 level designed by Viprin and verified by MaxiS9, marking his final solo work. The level has a beautiful rainbow theme and sophisticated gameplay that tests your timing and memorizing abilities.

The adventure starts with a half-speed cube portion that requires exact timing. The velocity then increases with moving obstacles and a semi-difficult straight flight section. As you go, you'll encounter a short double-speed spam wave portion and a normal-speed ball section, each requiring quick reactions and accuracy.

The challenge increases with a double-speed cube part, followed by a double-speed robot segment and a triple-speed UFO section that necessitates precise timing. Near the end, you'll come across a quick spam-based wave portion that leads into a tight mini-wave sequence.

The last challenge consists of a UFO segment with various gravity portals and a closing floor and ceiling. Conquer this, and you'll be welcomed by a bespoke ending screen including the level's colorful title and the creator's name.

How To Play

  • To play, use the mouse, spacebar, or arrow keys to move through the levels.

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