Geometry Dash GG EZ

Geometry Dash GG EZ

Geometry Dash GG EZ is an incredibly entertaining rhythm-based platformer that challenges your reflexes. Play as the familiar cube and tackle obstacles now! 

Created by Dudex, Geometry Dash GG EZ is an Epic Hard Level rated 5 stars and featuring 3 user coins. With its rich graphics and straightforward gameplay, this game offers a refreshing experience. This level, with its average 5-star difficulty, is perfect for daily play to help you unwind.

Geometry Dash GG EZ begins with a half-speed cube stage where players must jump over platforms with sharp obstacles. It then transitions to a train stage, where triangular obstacles continue to obstruct your path. Afterward, it reverts to the cube stage, where you can collect the first user coin at 23% after jumping onto a platform.

Next is the spider phase, where your character navigates between the upper and lower walls, requiring skillful evasion of pre-arranged obstacles. This is followed by a colorful block stage, then another cube stage with the second user coin at 57%, which you collect after descending a platform and dodging spikes.

Geometry Dash GG EZ then speeds up with a ship phase, followed by a wave phase, and returns to the block phase. The final user coin is collected at 97%, marking the completion of the level.

How To Play

  • Press [up], [w], [space], or click to jump and use yellow rings for jumping.
  • Collect coins for bonus points.

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