Geometry Dash Tiny Spaceship

Geometry Dash Tiny Spaceship

Geometry Dash Tiny Spaceship is a must-play game in the well-known Geometry Dash series. The objective is to overcome thorny challenges and deadly obstacles to reach the finish line safely.

Geometry Dash Tiny Spaceship starts with a block phase, where players must navigate their character by jumping across platforms filled with dangerous obstacles. This stage is relatively easy to pass at normal speed. Following this is the gravity gate, leading into the spider phase, where players need to jump across platforms and avoid deadly obstacles.

Next, Geometry Dash Tiny Spaceship transitions to the spam wave phase, which moves at a faster pace. After passing through another gravity gate, the train phase begins, requiring players to fly over platforms and avoid obstacles carefully, as any collision will restart the journey. The level continues with the UFO stage, sharing the same objective of avoiding obstacles.

Through another gravity gate, players enter a more challenging spider phase where they must control two parallel characters simultaneously, demanding absolute concentration to avoid obstacles. The level then progresses to the ball stage with the same mission, followed by the cube phase, which concludes the level.

User Coins

In Geometry Dash Tiny Spaceship, there are three user coins that players can collect for bonus points and the opportunity to unlock new characters. The first coin is found in the wave phase, requiring players to avoid obstacles to collect it. The second coin is in the ship stage, where players need to fly down to the platform for an easy grab.

How To Play

  • Use the up arrow key, W, spacebar, or your mouse to play this game.

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