Geometry Dash Voyage

Geometry Dash Voyage

Geometry Dash Voyage brings you a new challenge as you navigate your character safely through obstacles to the finish line. Join this game and explore those challenges now!

Geometry Dash Voyage takes you to a gloomy forest scene. The first stage that players need to pass is the block stage, where you are tasked with guiding the character through platforms filled with sharp obstacles. You then advance to a new stage, the ship stage, where the player must navigate the flying character across meticulously arranged platforms. Then continue with the ward building block phase with a desert setting along with the same mission as the previous phase.

Geometry Dash Voyage then continues with Chapter 2, where you'll explore the mysterious pyramids by flying over terrifying platforms and obstacles then continuing back into the desert landscape. The journey then continues with a forest covered white with snow and the player continues to overcome similar challenges. Then venture into chapter 3: The Sleet, where you will overcome challenges in the UFO stage, fly and avoid sharp obstacles.

Geometry Dash Voyage continues its journey with a ship stage in a vibrant, colorful ocean scene. Then continue with the cube phase with the same goal as the previous phases. The journey then delves into volcanic exploration with the cubic phase.

User Coins

In Geometry Dash Voyage, 3 user coins appear that players can collect to gain bonus points and unlock new characters. The first user coin appears in the ship stage, to collect it is very simple, the player just needs to fly above the platform. The second user coin appears. After entering the yellow gravity gate, go down. The best way is to click twice when entering the gate, then spam three to five times after passing the first saw blade. Coin 3: Make a well-timed jump and skip those yellow orbs.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow up key/W/Spacebar/Your mouse to play this game.

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