Geometry Dash Change of Scene

Geometry Dash Change of Scene

Explore a mysterious and thrilling new geometric space in Geometry Dash Change of Scene, designed to challenge even the most daring players. Embark on this exciting journey now!

Geometry Dash Change of Scene, an Easy Demon 2.1 solo level by bli, combines elements of fiction with realistic designs. It begins with an animation featuring four spinning objects: a stage, a television, a game console, and a portal. The level starts with a cube section, followed by a brief spider segment that leads to the title screen. The gameplay is straightforward, involving simple inputs and a few orbs.

Next is the UFO stage, where players navigate through challenging obstacles and a gravity gate before returning to the cube stage, which includes size and gravity changes demanding full concentration. The ship stage follows, maintaining the mission's difficulty. The level concludes with fast-paced stages featuring spiders, balls, and spam waves, testing the skills of experienced players.

User Coins

In Geometry Dash Change of Scene, players can collect three user coins to earn bonus points and unlock new skins. These coins can only be collected in normal mode, as they are blocked by obstacles in alt mode. The keys for these coins are located in Act II: World on Fire (red key), Game VI: Enter the Forest Temple (blue key), and Simulation VIII: Beyond Reality (yellow key).

How To Play

  • Use the arrow up key, W, Spacebar, or your mouse to play this game.

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