Geometry Dash StarShip

Geometry Dash StarShip

In Geometry Dash StarShip, players navigate a cube character, skillfully avoiding collisions with intricately arranged blocks to reach the finish line. This level, created by Sumsar, is rated 7 stars and includes 3 user coins. It features rich, colorful graphics and vivid sound effects, enhanced by neon lighting and synthetic audio that contribute to its thrilling, futuristic atmosphere.

Geometry Dash StarShip starts with a zero-gravity cube stage, where players must maneuver through hazardous platforms and obstacles. Next is the ship stage, requiring players to fly over and around barriers. This is followed by a wave phase, where precise movements are necessary to avoid contact with the platforms. The shadow phase presents a similar challenge.

In the cube phase, players control two characters simultaneously. Passing through a gravity gate transitions to the UFO phase, set in a backward-moving island world. The shadow phase is similar but in reverse. After returning to the cube phase, the game progresses through high-speed ship, wave, ball, and UFO phases that challenge even the most skilled players, before slowing down in the final cube phase.

How To Play

  • Use [up], [W], [space], or click to jump.

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