Geometry Dash Square

Geometry Dash Square

Geometry Dash Square presents a series of highly unpredictable challenges. Fly and jump to navigate obstacles and reach the finish line now! This game, an Epic Harder Level rated 6 stars with 1 user coin, is created by DangerKat.

The game begins with a cube stage where you must jump over obstacles and platforms. These platforms feature moving obstacles that require precise timing and concentration, as even a small mistake can result in starting over. 

Next, the gravity gate leads to the ship phase, where the character's speed increases significantly. In this phase, your task is to navigate the flying character through moving obstacles on the screen. Following this, you return to the initial block phase, but now the cube is smaller, demanding extra focus to avoid collisions. 

After another ship phase similar to the previous one, you move on to the UFO stage, which has the same objective as the ship phase. This is followed by a brief, spider wave segment before returning to the block phase. Successfully navigating this stage will bring the level to an end.

How To Play

  • Use the up arrow key, W, spacebar, or left mouse button to play.

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