Geometry Dash Party Dance

Geometry Dash Party Dance

Geometry Dash Party Dance is a game in the renowned Geometry Dash series, offering simple yet challenging gameplay that even professional gamers find demanding. Dive into the challenge now!

Geometry Dash Party Dance is a medium demon level rated 10 stars with 3 user coins, created by Usermatt18 and FerdeFunky. Featuring familiar gameplay mechanics and stunning graphics, this game promises an enjoyable experience for players.

The game starts with a block phase, where your objective is to navigate your character by jumping across platforms and overcoming obstacles. Next, the spider stage begins through the force circular gate, with normal speed and a short length, making it relatively easy to pass. The game then returns to the block phase, requiring the same tasks but with a change in character size, demanding higher concentration.

Following this, the wave phase at normal speed challenges players to fly through pre-arranged obstacles and platforms. Another short spider stage follows, leading to the UFO phase after passing through the gravity gate, which is faster and transitions into the cube phase. The game continues with ball, ship, spider, wave, and cube stages, each escalating in speed and difficulty. Can you conquer these challenges and reach the finish line?

User Coins

In Geometry Dash Party Dance, players can collect three user coins to earn bonus points and unlock new character skins. The first user coin is at 16% during the block phase, requiring a precise jump under an obstacle. The second coin appears at 54% between two platforms during the block phase. The final coin is at 97% after jumping through a platform, easily collectible.

How To Play

  • Press [up], [w], [space], or click to jump, and jump on yellow rings.

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