Geometry Dash Solitude

Geometry Dash Solitude

Geometry Dash Solitude invites you on a geometric adventure as you overcome treacherous obstacles to reach the finish line. Take a deep breath and start the fun now!

Geometry Dash Solitude begins its journey with the train phase at normal speed. At this stage, the player's task is to navigate the character flying through meticulously arranged obstacles. Then through the gravity gate, the wave phase begins at normal speed. At this stage, the player needs to control the character to fly between two pre-arranged platforms. Then the cube phase begins, where you will enter an extremely magnificent city with bright lights. And the player's task in this stage is to guide the character to jump over platforms containing deadly obstacles.

Geometry Dash Solitude continues with the shadow stage in an extremely clear space of the sky. At this stage, the player controls the character through fixed platforms and obstacles as the sky gradually turns dark. The journey then continues with the robot stage in a poetic lake setting with the same mission as the previous stages, navigating the character through platforms and sharp spikes. The level then moves on to the UFO stage, at this stage your goal is to guide the character to fly over all the platforms that contain fixed obstacles. After completing this stage the level ends.

User Coins

In Geometry Dash Solitude, there are three user coins that players can collect for bonus points and the opportunity to unlock new characters. The first user coins appear at 17% in the train phase. To collect it the player needs to fly to the upper platform. The second user coin was found at 40% after jumping over to the platform. And the last user coin that the player can collect in this game is at 55% when moving down the platform during the shadow phase.

How To Play

  • Press [up] [w] [space] or click to jump and to jump on yellow rings

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