Geometry Dash Waffle Funk

Geometry Dash Waffle Funk

Geometry Dash Waffle Funk is a fascinating yet highly challenging game that demands swift hand-eye coordination to conquer. Created by Ferdefunky, this 7-star level with 3 user coins is renowned for its intricate and demanding gameplay, captivating graphics, and catchy music. Players must maneuver through various geometric shapes, obstacles, and platforms to advance.

Geometry Dash Waffle Funk starts with a cube stage where players must navigate through pre-arranged platforms and obstacles. Any mistake results in starting over. This stage includes faster sections, requiring players to be vigilant to avoid collisions. Passing through the gravity gate leads to the shadow stage, where the character changes size, further increasing the difficulty.

Geometry Dash Waffle Funk continues with the spider stage, which continues the challenging gameplay of the previous stages. Following this are the ship and wave phases, where players must skillfully guide their character through precisely arranged obstacles. The sequence of cubes, silhouettes, spiders, waves, and ships continues, each demanding precision and timing.

How To Play

  • Press [up], [w], [space], or click to jump and interact with yellow rings.

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