Geometry Dash LET's START

Geometry Dash LET's START

Geometry Dash LET's START challenges your reflexes and hand-eye coordination as you guide your character through various obstacles to reach the end safely. Created by Izhar, this daily level boasts a 6-star difficulty rating.

Beginning with a block stage, your goal is to maneuver across meticulously arranged platforms. As you progress, you'll encounter a UFO stage where the UFO changes size, demanding heightened concentration to avoid sharp obstacles. The journey continues with a spider stage featuring adorable backgrounds adorned with rainbows and clouds, requiring precise jumps over platforms. Following a brief ship stage, another spider stage awaits before transitioning into a wave stage, culminating in a showdown with the Boss. Your objective here is to evade obstacles spawned by the Boss to complete the level.

Throughout Geometry Dash LET's START, three user coins are scattered for collection. The first appears at 9%, easily spotted amidst swift block jumps. The second presents directions but requires keen observation amidst accelerating pacing. The third coin's value remains elusive amidst vibrant color effects that may overwhelm the senses.

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How To Play

To play, utilize your mouse, spacebar, or the arrow up key for control.