Geometry Dash Sunshine

Geometry Dash Sunshine

Explore Geometry Dash Sunshine - a completely new and extremely adorable world that you've never seen in the famous Geometry Dash game series. Show off your amazing jumps in this game now!

Geometry Dash Sunshine begins with a flying robot where players click on a sphere to jump. Then, a stage with a cube requires the same action. Following is an automatic train section and a block where spheres are clicked. Subsequently, a double-speed cube phase requires timely jumping and sphere clicking.

Transitioning from day to night, a cube stage involves clicking on spheres and a spider amidst a starry background. The cycle repeats as night transitions to day, with double-speed cube challenges requiring precise timing.

The day-night cycle continues with the character transforming into a ship, navigating through gates. Day and night alternate on different elements as the level progresses. Finally, players encounter cube sections involving jumping over obstacles, followed by portal navigation, orb collection, and platform hopping until the level concludes.

In Geometry Dash Sunshine, players can earn bonus points and unlock new characters by collecting three user coins. The first coin appears at 16% after selecting three small balls, leading to its appearance at the level's end. The second coin, located at 24%, requires grabbing a small orb at 19% and avoiding a blue orb at 23%. Finally, the third coin, found at 87%, necessitates avoiding a green orb to collect it.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the magical world of Geometry Dash Sunshine and showcase your jumping prowess like never before! And if you crave more thrilling adventures, be sure to explore Geometry Dash Apple Juice and Geometry Dash And Ever. The fun awaits—play now!

How To Play

Use your mouse, spacebar or arrow up key to control.