Geometry Dash Bonkers

Geometry Dash Bonkers

Geometry Dash Bonkers presents players with incredibly challenging obstacles tailored for experts. Can you conquer these hurdles?

Geometry Dash Bonkers is an Epic Insane level, rated 9 stars with 2 user coins, designed by BranSilver and Lemon. It combines BranSilver's chaotic style with GD Lemon's vibrant visuals, set in a Halloween-themed environment. Despite the spooky backdrop, the focus is on overcoming intricate shapes rather than encountering eerie characters. The level's music and obstacles add to its unpredictability.

Geometry Dash Bonkers starts with a cube stage where precise jumps navigate perilous platforms. Here, players encounter the first user coin, requiring a mid-air grab between platforms. The UFO stage follows, where flying through dynamic platforms with sharp hazards demands unwavering focus.

Geometry Dash Bonkers continue with the ship stage, repeating the challenging pattern, followed by the spider stage. Here, players dodge obstacles and evade pursuit, leading to the block stage at heightened speed. Character size changes intensify the difficulty, leading to the wave stage through a gravity gate. The second user coin awaits here, marking the completion of the level.

How To Play

  • Controls involve mouse, spacebar, arrow up key, and W.

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