Geometry Dash Frizzantino Vibes

Geometry Dash Frizzantino Vibes

Geometry Dash Frizzantino Vibes presents a formidable speed challenge that players must overcome. Get ready for a tough and thrilling journey! 

Geometry Dash Frizzantino Vibes is a solo 2.1 Extreme Demon level created and published by UserMatt18, known for its difficulty and appeal to veteran players. The level begins with a double-speed cube section requiring precise orb timing. Followed by a double cube segment with a few tricky timings and a relatively straightforward small cube section. Next is a simple ball section with an easy double ball part in the middle and a row of fake balls to avoid. After the ball section is a short vessel segment.

The journey then takes players through a narrow UFO section followed by a shadow segment with a finicky black sphere. This transitions into a spider section with a few fake orbs, leading to the level’s only wave section and then into a robot stage. Following this is a short cube section requiring dash orb timing, a somewhat tight train section, and a ship section with a narrow spike gap.

The final part of the level starts with a half-speed cube section featuring double spikes and ends with a normal speed triple spike. A short cube section leads into a tight train segment, concluding the level.

How To Play

  • Use your mouse, W, arrow up, or spacebar to control the character.

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