Geometry Dash Folklore

Geometry Dash Folklore

Geometry Dash Folklore offers an exciting challenge for players looking for new experiences as they guide the cube character through challenging obstacles. Start the race now!

Geometry Dash Folklore is a harder level rated 6 stars created by Gepsoni4. With simple gameplay and rich graphics, this game promises to bring you more exciting experiences than ever before. The level starts with a block stage, the task that the player needs to overcome is to navigate the character through deadly platforms and obstacles. Any small collision will make you start playing all over again. Then through the gravity gate, the player is navigated to the short ship stage, where there is a dynamic change in the character's size that you need to focus on to overcome. The player then continues with the ball phase with the same task as the previous phases. Then continue with the simple cube phase.

Geometry Dash Folklore continues with the wave phase at a faster speed, moving between two platforms containing obstacles. Then the level continues with the block phase. After that, a series of spider, ball, and short stages appear at a fairly fast speed, presenting a great challenge to the player. Then the final stage of the level starts with the double cube and then the ship and wave stages. Then finish with the cube phase.

How To Play

  • Press [up] [w] [space] or click to jump and to jump on yellow rings

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