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Geometry Dash Cosmic Journey

Geometry Dash Cosmic Journey

A notable challenge within the Geometry Dash series is known as Geometry Dash Cosmic Journey, offering a journey into a glitch-infused realm. Crafted by JerkRat/Creator JR and TamaN, this creation unveils a dark world boasting various levels.

Geometry Dash Cosmic Journey kicks off with the cube phase, maintaining normal speed. Your objective here is to maneuver the blocky character, guiding it to leap over platforms and evade emerging obstacles. Transitioning to the spider stage, still at normal speed, your mission remains consistent with the previous phase. Upon encountering the gravity gate, the train phase ensues, tasking players with deftly steering the character through meticulously arranged obstacles while airborne.

Subsequently, the wave phase emerges, featuring the opportunity to collect a user coin by directing the blocky character downward to a platform—a relatively straightforward endeavor. The challenge escalates as you navigate the character through inverted space. The UFO stage follows, demanding heightened concentration due to its diminutive size. Another user coin becomes accessible during this phase, obtainable by guiding the cube character upward.

The level progresses with the spider stage, characterized by continual size fluctuations, necessitating agile navigation to surmount obstacles. Successively, the ball and space phases revert to their original positions, presenting another user coin within easy reach on the bottom platform.

Consecutive stages featuring ships, shapes, and waves ensue, culminating with the cube stage heralding the level's conclusion.

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How To Play

Control the game using your mouse, spacebar, or the arrow up key.

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