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Geometry Dash Descend

Geometry Dash Descend

Geometry Dash Descend presents an exhilarating journey through formidable obstacles, culminating in a safe arrival at the finish line. Test your agility and obstacle-surmounting skills in this game today!

Crafted by Cirtrax, Geometry Dash Descend is a 10-star Easy Demon level that promises thrills. It challenges players to navigate through various obstacles and levels with precision and expertise.

Geometry Dash Descend commences with consecutive UFO and ship stages. In the UFO stage, players guide the cube character through platforms adorned with sharp obstacles. Subsequently, the block phase demands players to aid the character in leaping over emerging obstacles. It's crucial to note that any collision resets the cube to the starting point, necessitating careful timing to evade obstacles.

Following this is the brief train phase, succeeded by the cube phase, where the character appears smaller, demanding heightened concentration. The journey continues with the spider stage, featuring smaller dimensions and increased speed. In the ship stage, players navigate the character through daunting obstacles while maintaining a small size. Upon completion of this stage, the level concludes.

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How To Play

  • Use the Up arrow or click to Jump
  • Jump on yellow rings
  • Avoid the Spikes
  • In ship mode, hold to ascend and release to descend
  • Press L to toggle special effects
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