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Geometry Dash Cohesion

Geometry Dash Cohesion

Showcase your obstacle-jumping prowess by taking on the challenge of navigating through tough obstacles and reaching the finish line in Geometry Dash Cohesion. This harder level, created by schady, is rated 6 stars and features 3 user coins. The objective of this side-scrolling platformer is to guide a cube through various stages, each packed with challenges, dangers, and obstacles.

Geometry Dash Cohesion begins with a cube stage where you must guide your character to jump over platforms and avoid sharp obstacles. After passing through the gravity gate, the train stage commences at a fairly fast pace. This is followed by the ball stage and a fast-paced cube stage. Next is the spider stage, where the first user coin appears at 31%. You can collect it by jumping down the platforms. The cube stage resumes with normal speed at this point, and the second user coin appears at 50%. To collect this coin, you need to jump between a platform and an overhead sharp obstacle.

Upon entering another gravity gate, the wave stage begins at a fast speed. Here, you must navigate the cube character between two pre-arranged platforms. The final user coin appears at 62%, which can be collected to boost your bonus points and unlock the character interface. The level then continues with fast-paced cube, train, and ball stages. Completion of the ball stage marks the end of the level.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse, spacebar, up arrow, or W key to control your character.

Prepare yourself to conquer the challenges in Geometry Dash Cohesion now! If you're a fan of this game series, don't miss out on Geometry Dash BRAKE, Geometry Dash FuZe, and Geometry Dash A New Rhythm for similar challenges.

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