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Geometry Dash FuZe

Geometry Dash FuZe

Geometry Dash FuZe invites you to engage in a thrilling geometric adventure, guiding a cube character forward as it navigates through a series of sharp geometric obstacles to reach the finish line safely.

Geometry Dash FuZe, an Epic Medium demon level rated at 10 stars and 3 user coins, was created by Rustam and ZenthicAlpha. The level is not only visually striking but also packed with challenges that players must overcome to progress. The game's soundtrack plays a crucial role, with its fast-paced, repetitive rhythm that players must keep in sync with to avoid plummeting into the abyss. As players advance, the tempo increases, making the game even more challenging and exciting.

The game begins with a cube stage where players help the cube jump over platforms and obstacles. During this stage, the cube changes size, requiring heightened concentration. The train phase starts after passing through the gravity gate. In this stage, the first user coin can be collected by flying down to the platform at 22% while avoiding moving obstacles.

Following this, Geometry Dash FuZe transitions into a short ball phase before returning to the cube phase. A brief wave phase with increased speed sets the stage for the next train phase, where the second user coin can be collected by flying up to the platform at 51%. Subsequent phases include UFO, spider, ball, and wave sections, each increasing in speed. The final coin is located at 98%, near the end of the level, challenging players to reach the very end to collect it.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse, spacebar, up arrow, or W key to help the character move.

Can you excel in completing the missions in Geometry Dash FuZe? Join now to find out. If you're looking for similar challenges, don't miss Geometry Dash A New Rhythm and Geometry Dash Fire Vibes.

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