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Geometry Dash BRAKE

Geometry Dash BRAKE

Experience thrilling challenges and brand-new adventures as you transform into a cube character and navigate through various obstacles in Geometry Dash BRAKE. Start your journey now!

Geometry Dash BRAKE, created by Therealbilly, is a difficult level rated 4 stars with 3 user coins. This level is perfect for those looking to sharpen their maneuvering skills before tackling their first Demon level.

The level begins with a cube stage at normal speed, involving straightforward jumps over platforms and obstacles, setting the foundation for the upcoming challenges. The first user coin can be collected in this stage. After passing through the gravity gate, you enter the train stage at normal speed, where you must guide the cube character through platforms with dangerous obstacles.

Following another gravity gate, the level returns to the cube stage, offering the chance to collect a key. The challenge then shifts to the spider stage, where you maneuver the character up and down between platforms while avoiding obstacles. Here, the second user coin can be collected by descending to the lower platform. The level continues with the UFO stage, where you guide the character through perilous platforms, and the final user coin can be collected by ascending to a high platform. After obtaining this last coin, you complete the level.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse, spacebar, up arrow, or W key to control.

Whether you're a pro or new to the genre, Geometry Dash BRAKE promises hours of engaging and exciting gameplay. If you enjoy this game, don't miss out on similar challenges like Geometry Dash FuZe and Geometry Dash A New Rhythm.

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