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Vex 8

Vex 8

Demonstrate your prowess in jumping, running, climbing, and rolling to evade traps and hurdles in Vex 8. Are you prepared to tackle the obstacles and fulfill the missions?

With enhanced animations and controls, Vex 8 stands as the latest installment in the series, offering smoother gameplay than ever before! Featuring nine fresh levels, players can refine their timing skills with the newly introduced Infinity mode.

In Vex 8, your objective is to guide Stickman through challenges akin to the provided instructions. Spanning nine levels, progression through the game is facilitated via the selection screen. Though certain levels may necessitate completion of preceding ones for unlocking. Furthermore, players can seek out hidden trophies in clandestine areas and put their abilities to the test in the brand-new Infinite mode.

The aim in Vex 8 is to safely guide Stickman to the green gate by overcoming an array of peculiar obstacles such as saw blades and spikes. Any collision will prompt the character to return to the nearest checkpoint. Throughout the journey, coins and Vip cards will materialize; don't overlook them, as they enable character customization and unlock new areas.

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How To Play

  • Utilize the WASD keys or arrow keys to maneuver the character.
  • For sliding over obstacles, Stickman must first gain momentum before crouching to slide.
  • When navigating narrow walls, Stickman can leap to one wall, grasp it for a brief moment, then rebound to the opposite wall.
  • To latch onto ledges, Stickman simply needs to reach the block without leaping onto it entirely, then jump again to enter the block.
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