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Apple Worm

Apple Worm

In the game Apple Worm, you're tasked with guiding a worm that enjoys munching on apples to the exit gate. Are you up for the challenge of assisting this endearing worm?

This adorable creature has found itself lost in a labyrinth, and it's up to you to guide it to safety through twisting corridors and tricky obstacles.

Your goal is simple: help the worm reach the exit gate. But there's a twist – the worm is hungry! Luckily, scattered throughout the maze are juicy apples that can help satisfy its hunger and aid in navigating the maze. Each time the worm munches on an apple, its body grows longer, granting it the ability to bend, stretch, and maneuver through tight spaces. However, eating apples isn't without its challenges – be cautious not to fall or get stuck as you chomp your way through the maze.

Apple Worm features straightforward gameplay that tests your strategic thinking with each move. As you progress through levels, the puzzles become increasingly intricate, providing a satisfying challenge for players of all ages.

With its intuitive controls and accessible gameplay, Apple Worm is suitable for everyone, including children looking to sharpen their logical thinking skills. So whether you're seeking a relaxing diversion or a brain-teasing challenge, Apple Worm offers hours of enjoyment.

Tips for success:

  • Carefully estimate the length and space of your worm. If it's longer than the distance ahead, you can overtake obstacles.
  • Utilize the worm's ability to wiggle and bend in various directions to navigate through tight spots.
  • Remember, the worm can't move backward, so plan your moves wisely.

How To Play

Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to maneuver your worm through the maze.

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