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Vex 3

Vex 3

Welcome to the dangerous world of Vex 3, where only the most skilled gamers will emerge victorious! As you traverse perilous terrain, avoid lethal traps, and complete brain-bending puzzles, get ready to test the limits of your platforming skills.

It is obvious what your job is as the fearless lead character: to complete each level by navigating a labyrinth of dangers, traps, and obstacles. Every step matters in your pursuit of triumph, whether you're rolling past saw blades, sliding beneath crushing blocks, or leaping over spikes.

Accuracy and timing are your friends when you tackle a wide range of obstacles. While some traps stalk you ceaselessly, others are cunningly motionless. To survive, learn their tendencies, devise a plan, and act with lightning-fast reflexes.

But do not be afraid, daring explorer! You'll come across useful flagpoles that act as checkpoints along the way. Make good use of them to respawn and carry on with your mission, getting closer to victory with each audacious leap.

You will run against closed doors that obstruct your route, so be ready to think quickly. Use your cunning and keen observation to find the elusive keys concealed throughout the maze-like levels.

With nine exciting challenges and ten standard stages to complete, Vex 3 offers hours of heart-pounding excitement. Additionally, Vex Challenges and Vex 8 are waiting to put your mettle to the test like never before for those who are thirsty for even more exhilarating action.

So gear up, strap in, and get ready to defy gravity in the ultimate test of skill and daring. The world of Vex 3 awaits, and only the boldest adventurers will emerge victorious!

How To Play

  • W/Up Arrow - Jump
  • S/Down Arrow - Duck/Slide/Enter level
  • A/Left Arrow - Move left
  • D/Right Arrow - Move right

While swimming

  • W/Up Arrow - Swim forward
  • Arrow S/Down - Swim backward
  • A/Left Arrow and D/Right Arrow - Change direction.
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