Toto Adventure

Toto Adventure

In Toto Adventure, Toto is on a mission to open enormous treasure boxes, and he needs your assistance to locate all 24 treasures. Are you prepared to go on this incredible journey with him?

You have a choice between three characters in Toto Adventure: the gregarious Toto, the nimble ninja, or the tough robot. Every hero has special skills that can aid you in your treasure pursuit. It is your task to make your way through 24 exhilarating levels, each chock full of challenging obstacles and terrifying undead creatures. To open the treasure chest and proceed to the next adventure, gather three golden keys on each level.

To get through each level, you must escape zombies, conquer obstacles, and solve puzzles. To vanquish the zombies and make room for yourself, jump on their heads.

How To Play

  • Mouse: Move
  • Left/Right Arrow Keys: Walk
  • Up Arrow Key: Jump
  • Down Arrow Key: Get down
  • Up Arrow + Left/Right Arrow Keys: Glide

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