Fast Food Dumpster Adventure

Fast Food Dumpster Adventure

In Fast Food: Dumpster Adventure, go on a dangerous yet incredibly tasty journey with Pizza. In this game, you play as a rejected pizza slice navigating a hostile and dangerous world. Our pizza hero is on a mission to become the greatest waste ruler, and in order to do so, he must gather as many mushrooms as he can from all across the area. The more mushrooms the pizza consumes, the more robust and resilient it gets.

Take caution! There are a ton of adversaries at the fast food dump. Our pizza is being targeted by flying nuggets, bombers, acid-spraying soda monsters, and other dangerous locals. Make your way through these perils, eat mushrooms to gain strength, and change into a Super Pizza Slice to unleash vicious assaults.

Set out on an exciting adventure where you must avoid soda monster jets, exploding fried chickens, and find your way to the next furnace. Can you emerge as this fast-food dump's true threat?

How To Play

  • Walk: A/D or Left/Right arrows
  • Shoot: F
  • Jump: Space bar
  • Evolution: Y
  • Aim Up: W or Up arrow
  • Look Down: S or Down Arrow
  • Go Down: Jump while looking down (S + Space)
  • Pause: ESC

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