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Terraria is a Scratch-made version of the popular game of the same name created by Griffpatch. Players begin by gathering the necessary resources to prepare for the grand adventure deep underground. Chop down trees and take down slime to make torches, and begin descending to the underground to mine super rare ores! Discover what the world has to offer with Terraria!

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How To Play

  • Control the character: WASD keys.
  • Dig or place items: Left mouse button.
  • Select tools: Number keys from 0 to 9.
  • Open or close the inventory: E key.
  • Quick-select the torch: Q key.
  • Center the screen on the mouse: C key.
  • Shoot the grappling hook: X key.
  • Reset the location: R key.
  • Open the world map: F key.
  • Change to creative mode: K key.
  • Spawn monsters in the creative mode with the N, M, H, and J keys.
  • Switch the character’s gender with the G key.
  • Change the time of the day with the O key.
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