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Embark on an adventure and take back your little ones with Scratchnapped! The game begins with the Bit-Map Scratch Cat kidnapping the Scratchlings of the Scratch Cat, and it is up to you to help him rescue them! Jump from one platform to the next, avoid dangerous obstacles and enemies, and reunite with your Scratchings one by one!

Scratchnapped draws inspiration from classic platformers such as Mario while utilizing the existing assets of the Scratch programming language. The game was created by Griffpatch and features a variety of things for players to do. On their journey, players can collect coins and defeat certain enemies by jumping on their heads. Discover the secret Mega Coins and complete all four levels to reunite with your little ones with Scratchnapped!

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How To Play

  • Control the Scratch Cat with the arrow keys. Press the up arrow key to jump, and hold the down arrow key while mid-air to pound to the ground.


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