Magic Printer

Magic Printer

In Magic Printer, assume the position of an accomplished printer and accept thrilling jobs to increase your earnings! As a store manager in this engaging simulation game, your goal is to expand your print-on-demand company.

Your dream of managing a prosperous printing business comes true in Magic Printer. By printing the supplies these cute little creatures require, you'll be helping them. Check the ingredients given beneath each requested item, choose the appropriate type and quantity from the bottom, and then click the print button to generate the item in order to fulfill their requests. Click to send the item out when it's ready. 

Keep in mind that your clients are impatient, so give priority to their orders in order to meet the level's objectives. You may spend the gold you make from each successful print to customize and improve your store, bringing in more charming customers by making it feel more homey. Begin your exploration to become the most skilled printer in the area!

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to navigate and play the game.

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