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Tower of Chaos

Tower of Chaos

In Tower of Chaos, take up your sword and demonstrate your bravery by defending your fortress against hordes of monsters, goblins, and dragons. In this game, you play as a knight tasked with protecting the fabled tower built by a hero long ago. Are you ready for the challenge?

Your objective in this game? Combat monsters, goblins, and dragons to keep your tower secure. Defeat foes to gain gold and boost your energy. Carefully plan each move; guide your hero to weaker adversaries while avoiding stronger ones that can defeat you. The enemies become increasingly difficult as you progress. Move your avatar precisely to level up, collect loot, and advance to the next stage.

Are you willing to destroy all of the villains who have invaded your tower? Tower of Chaos challenges your talents and strategies. Good luck, brave knight!

How To Play

  • To control the game, use your mouse. Hold down the left mouse button and drag your hero to target foes.

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