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Geometry Dash Rising

Geometry Dash Rising

Geometry Dash Rising brings players a series of extremely exciting new challenges, bringing the thrill of jumping over dangerous obstacles. 

Geometry Dash Rising is a 4-star Hard 2.0 solo level created and published by Alderite. This is the second level of the Bonus Gauntlet, after Chambers and before Battletown.

Geometry Dash Rising begins with a straightforward cube segment featuring easy jumps and saw blades adorned with emotive faces. This segment acts as a springboard for the challenges to come. Following this, you progress to the ship section after passing through a gravity-altering gate. Here, navigating between structures requires heightened focus as the size of the ship changes abruptly. User coins make their debut in this segment, collectible at the 25% mark.

The level then transitions to an automatic segment at half speed, with all objects becoming invisible. Coins can be obtained by bouncing on an unseen yellow ring,  at the 34% mark. Subsequently, the robot segment commences at regular speed. A brief shadow phase ensues, featuring movement between platforms emerging from both the ceiling and the ground. The pace slows to half speed again, leading into a lengthy segment where you alternate between UFO and Wave modes while also adjusting in size. Finally, the level concludes with a block section featuring straightforward gameplay. Additional coins can be gathered by leaping at the 96% mark.

Geometry Dash Rising promises to bring players exciting gaming experiences with beautiful gameplay and graphics. Can you navigate the blocky character to the finish line safely? Join now to get the answer. If you are a fan of this famous series then don't miss similar games Geometry Dash ConfusionGeometry Dash Ice Cave and Geometry Dash Cadenza. Have fun!

How To Play

Use your mouse to play this game.

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