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Geometry Dash Ice Cave

Geometry Dash Ice Cave

Discover a fresh rendition of Geometry Dash immersed in the chilling allure of an ice cavern setting with Geometry Dash Ice Cave, the latest addition to this renowned gaming franchise. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey into uncharted territories.

Geometry Dash Ice Cave presents a captivating Easy Demon level, boasting a 10-star rating, meticulously crafted by the adept designer, Ketis. This icy escapade was fashioned during the early stages of the game's evolution, circa version 1.6, by the enigmatic player known only as Ketis.

Embark on your odyssey as you navigate through the frosty abyss. The game begins with a labyrinthine cube adorned with perilous traps and menacing spikes. Adapt swiftly to the altering dimensions of the cube, demanding unwavering focus from the player. Transitioning through the gravity portal, the UFO phase unfurls. It challenges your finesse in maneuvering the airborne cube amidst a perilous landscape brimming with obstacles.

Precision becomes paramount as you thread through the treacherous maze, evading collisions with looming shapes, pillars, and razor-sharp spikes. Each mistimed jump catapults the cube back to its starting point, amplifying the stakes of your endeavor. Progressing further, the cube embarks on a relentless onslaught of obstacles, interspersed with deceptive trampolines and intricate structures. Exercise caution as you navigate perilous saws and traps. Ensure each leap lands on the correct sphere, lest you meet a grisly demise atop serrated blocks. Master the art of timing and precision to conquer this formidable challenge and emerge victorious from the icy depths of the cave.

Dare to take on the challenge presented by Geometry Dash Ice Cave, and for enthusiasts of the series. Don't overlook Geometry Dash Cadenza, Geometry Dash oFFline, and Geometry Dash Ground Zero, each offering a plethora of captivating trials awaiting your exploration. Let the games begin!

How To Play

  • Jump using [Space], [W], [Up], [Ctrl], or mouse click.
  • Pause with [P]. 
  • Toggle special effects with [L]. 
  • Restart with the [Green Flag].
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