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Geometry Dash Ground Zero

Geometry Dash Ground Zero

Geometry Dash Ground Zero offers thrilling experiences as you tackle challenging obstacles en route to the finish line! Created, verified, and published by DorSha, this solo Hard 5* level is the third installment in the Poison Gauntlet, sandwiched between Beast Mode Full and Shrimp. Set in a factory-themed environment with a striking green and red color palette, the latter resembling a siren, the level kicks off with a moderate-paced cube section, serving as a precursor to the escalating difficulties ahead.

Transitioning into the spider section, players are thrust into a high-speed ordeal, navigating through rapid sequences of orbs unlike anything encountered thus far. Subsequently morphing into a diminutive ship, they maneuver amidst towering pillars. The miniature UFO segment introduces additional columns and obstacles before reverting to conventional block gameplay, culminating the level with its distinctive style.

Within Geometry Dash Ground Zero lie three elusive user coins, each requiring strategic prowess to seize. The initial coin materializes at 22%, necessitating precise orb chain interactions. The second coin emerges during the UFO segment, demanding adept maneuvering between two pinwheels. Securing the final coin mandates skillful evasion of the last step using the red cushion.

If you relish Geometry Dash for its straightforward gameplay, captivating visuals, and immersive sound, consider exploring akin titles such as Geometry Dash Ichor, Geometry Dash Rebound, and Geometry Dash Darker Drop for further enjoyment.

How To Play

To conquer the challenge and amass the coveted coins, players must guide the blocky protagonist through perilous terrain, employing swift reflexes and impeccable timing. Any misstep, be it too hasty or too sluggish, spells a return to square one.

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