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Geometry Dash Ichor

Geometry Dash Ichor

Geometry Dash Ichor is a challenging level in the Geometry Dash game series, famous for its difficulty and engaging gameplay.

Geometry Dash Ichor starts with a relatively simple cube, which is the starting point for the challenges to come. The level then transitions to the spider segment where the gameplay remains quite simple. The level continues forward through the robot segment, where the difficulty of the game begins to gradually increase, the appearance of the first coin appears. To pass this stage requires precision in timing, each slower or faster step can bring the player back to the starting position.

The next stage brings a change in size, which further challenges the player's concentration. Move forward to the UFO and ship stage, where countless obstacles and deadly traps appear. The climax occurs when the player shifts gravity and flies into a purple portal, representing a key moment in the level's progression. And the game ends.

In Geometry Dash Ichor appears three user coins that players need to collect to get more bonus points and the opportunity to unlock new characters. To collect the first coin the player needs to jump to the upper platform at 34%. With the second coin at 63%, you need to fly over the top wall. And the last coin is at 88%, you need to jump to the bottom column and turn around to collect it.

Geometry Dash Ichor promises to bring you a relaxing gaming experience with beautiful graphics and simple gameplay. If you want to find games with similar gameplay, Geometry Dash ReboundGeometry Dash Darker Drop and Geometry Dash Hydra are the next suggestions for you. Game on!

How To Play

To complete the challenge in Geometry Dash Ichor and collect user coins, the player's main task is to navigate the cube character moving forward, avoiding obstacles such as triangular shapes. sharp, deadly deaths,... By guiding the cube to fly or jump with the use of the mouse, spacebar or up arrow.

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