Geometry Dash Aware

Geometry Dash Aware

Geometry Dash Aware, created by Pauze, is a difficult level rated 4 stars and featuring 3 user coins. In this game, players guide a cube through a mission filled with sharp and challenging obstacles. While collecting coins adds to the difficulty, it is not mandatory; however, doing so rewards players with bonus points and the chance to unlock new character skins.

Geometry Dash Aware begins with a relatively simple cube phase, where you navigate the blocky character through alternating obstacles and platforms. This introductory stage, with its normal speed and straightforward obstacles, serves as a warm-up for the more difficult challenges ahead. After passing through the gravity gate, you enter the ship phase at normal speed. Continuing with the cube phase, you can collect the first user coin at 25% by jumping on the platform. Next, in the ball phase, you guide the zero-gravity character up and down between platforms, avoiding obstacles.

Geometry Dash Aware then proceeds with a short wave phase at normal speed, followed by another cube phase, and transitions into the ship phase. After a brief shadow phase, the UFO phase begins. At 63%, you can collect the second user coin by flying above the platform. The game continues with the cube phase, where the final user coin can be collected at the end of the path, concluding the level.

How To Play

  • Use your mouse, the up arrow key, the spacebar, or W to control.

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