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Funny Blade & Magic

Funny Blade & Magic

Welcome to the most ridiculous adventure game out there: Funny Blade & Magic! Prepare yourself for a crazy adventure that will include magical mayhem, intense battles, and heart-stopping moments that will make you giggle uncontrollably.

Your goal in this ridiculous journey is to defeat every enemy in order to advance through each level. Equipped with your reliable WASD keys for maneuvering and your mouse for striking. Engage in combat-filled battles in colorful villages that are full of surprises and adversaries.

While the counter at the top of the screen counts up your victories, keep an eye on the helpful minimap to locate your opponents. Every building and place full of traps offers a different technique to try out. For a bird's-eye perspective, jump to rooftops, plan your attack, and utilize crafty traps to outmaneuver your rivals.

Use the power of F to set up traps and send your adversaries flying toward their hilarious death by channeling your inner telekinetic. Just pay attention to the health and energy meters in the upper left corner!

When the chips are down, don't be afraid to use your throwing prowess by using a precise right-click to launch axes into far-off enemies. And never forget that winning yields bright prizes in the shape of coins. To enhance your skill set and aesthetic, invest your hard-earned wealth on a range of upgrades, weapons, accessories, and skills.

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Prepare for a hilarious journey in Funny Blade & Magic by gathering your tools, honing your cunning, and setting off. Now is the moment to chuckle, plunder, and spring to triumph! Let the hilarity begin!

How To Play

  • W, A, S, D or arrow keys: Move
  • Shift (hold): Run
  • Spacebar: Jump
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