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Lorenzo the Runner

Lorenzo the Runner

Embark on an fueled journey through the bustling streets of the city in Lorenzo The Runner! Take on the role of Lorenzo, a brave and agile adventurer, as you dash, leap, and dodge your way through this vibrant metropolis.

Lorenzo The Runner is a thrilling 2D platformer reminiscent of classic games like Mario. It features four action-packed levels set across three dynamic environments. Your mission? Navigate Lorenzo through a myriad of treacherous obstacles and terrifying enemies while collecting money scattered throughout each level. But beware – one wrong move could cost you a life!

With only three lives at your disposal, every jump and dodge counts. Collide with an obstacle, and you'll lose a life. Fall into a pit, and it's game over. But fear not, for with quick reflexes and determination, you can conquer each challenge that stands in your way.

Join Lorenzo on his epic quest through the heart of the city and test your bravery in Lorenzo The Runner. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Play now and prove your mettle! There are also many similar interesting games that you can explore such as Vex 7 and Vex6. Enjoy!

How To Play

Master Lorenzo's moves with simple controls: use the left and right arrow keys or A and D keys to move horizontally, and press the spacebar, W key, or up arrow key to jump. It's that easy!

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