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Bounce Ball Adventure

Bounce Ball Adventure

Bounce Ball Adventure invites you to embark on an exciting adventure with the red ball! Are you brave enough to steer the red ball and overcome difficult obstacles?

In Bounce Ball Adventure, your goal is to navigate the red ball, your first available skin. To progress, reach the gate at the conclusion of each level, but first gather the key from the course to open the door.

Collect coins along the way to unlock new skins and red hearts to get more lives. With the magnet enhancement, you can easily attract coins. Use many platforms to avoid falling into pits or traps.

Beware of the tribal squares—your adversaries. Defeat them by leaping on their heads, but avoid making direct contact. If you lose a life, you can replace it by gathering dispersed hearts along the way.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the red ball.

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