Digital Circus IO

Digital Circus IO

In Digital Circus IO, build and manage your own circus in this creative and strategic IO game. Can you claim the most space in this competitive arena? 

Start with a small piece of land and play as a circus artist, expanding your territory on a giant circus performance stage. Control your character to increase your color coverage. The goal is to capture the most space and survive until the end. Beware of competitors expanding their areas; strategize to protect your territory. If you or another player touches your trail, you die. You will also die if you hit the border. Complete various quests to earn stars and unlock different character skins.

Choose from three game modes: Classic, Teams, and Battle Royale. In Team Mode, join forces with other players to capture the most space and be the last team standing. In Battle Royale Mode, watch out for the red border that closes over time, trapping players within it.

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to control the game.

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