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Grow your snake and compete against other players with! In this game, players’ role is to take control of a tiny little snake, who will soon grow into a magnificent one—provided that he has enough time! Eat as much food as possible, avoid larger snakes, and try your best to dominate the area! is the Scratch remake of the popular multiplayer game of the same name, created by Griffpatch. Before players begin, they can customize the looks of their snakes by picking the pattern and coloring them to their hearts’ content. Afterwards, players will be put into an arena with many other snakes. The snake can grow in size and length by consuming colorful pellets, which are scattered around the arena. Avoid other large snakes, and don’t touch the red border at the edge of the arena!

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How To Play

  • Move your mouse cursor to control the snake.
  • Hold the spacebar to dash forward at the cost of food consumed.
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