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Cloud Platformer Multiplayer Fun

Cloud Platformer Multiplayer Fun

Get ready for the most thrilling adventure alongside other players with Cloud Platformer Multiplayer Fun! Make your first jump, discover power-up stations of various abilities, and interact with other players for fun and assistance!

Cloud Platformer Multiplayer Fun puts players inside an engaging world full of things to discover. Created by Griffpatch, the game features a detailed platform with surprises such as various power-ups and hidden minigames. Get larger or become a mini version, turn into the Nyan Cat, participate in the pokeball-collecting game as the Pikachu, and so much more to discover! Interact with other players for more help and guides!

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How To Play

  • Control the character with the arrow keys.
  • Use special abilities with the spacebar (if available).
  • Open safe chat with the T key.
  • Discard power-ups with the X key.
  • Respawn with the R key.
  • Check the achievement list with the A key.
  • Toggle on or off name display with the N key.
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