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Banana Duck

Banana Duck

With Banana Duck, a delightful puzzle-platform game that will make you laugh out loud, set out on a fanciful adventure! Take charge of a small duckling and make your way through a world full of obstacles like closed doors, traps, and giant vegetables. Your goal? Gather as many bananas as you can without getting hit by those annoying produce!

All skill levels can enjoy the delightfully straightforward gameplay of Banana Duck. Simply navigate your duckling through each level by using the arrow keys or WASD, dodging obstacles and outwitting the enormous red tomatoes that prowl the area. Watch out for secret routes and shrewd detours that get you closer to the goal and more bananas!

You'll always smile when playing Banana Duck because of its hilarious premise and fun obstacles. This game will keep you entertained whether you're an experienced player or just seeking for some lighthearted fun. So, why do you hesitate? Enter Banana Duck's universe and begin quacking your way to success!

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How To Play

Use arrow keys or WASD to move

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